Pool Heater Troubleshooting: When to Call a Pool Repair Company

Swimming pools are excellent for cooling down on hot summer days. The way you keep up with pool maintenance decides how much you can use it. Your pool heater has several parts. If any part fails, your pool won’t heat properly.

Regular Pool Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs Later

Our weekly pool maintenance service is designed to keep your pool in top shape for your enjoyment. Each week, our technician will perform a thorough check of your pool’s water levels to ensure they’re just right for swimming and equipment operation. We’ll then move on to cleaning the surfaces of your pool, removing any debris or dirt that may have accumulated. 

After that, we’ll analyze the chemical composition of the water to maintain the proper balance of chemicals, ensuring a safe and comfortable swimming environment. 

Additionally, our technician will inspect all components and systems of your pool, including filters, pumps, and heaters, to make sure everything is working correctly. By following this comprehensive maintenance plan, we’ll ensure your pool stays clean, safe, and ready for enjoyment throughout the week.

Seek Pool Repair if Unsure: They’ll Provide Assistance

Whether you’re using a gas or electric heater, it’s crucial to be aware of common pool repair issues. If you notice any problems, reach out to your pool company for assistance. Hiring a professional pool heater repair service is the best option, as these repairs demand special tools and training.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can make a pool heater stop working right after it starts. If you see an error code like “Flo,” “Lo/Hi,” or something similar, it confirms this. It’s important to call a professional if you notice these error codes.

Electric Power Issues

There might be a disruption in the energy flow if your heater kicks in right away and water pressure isn’t the problem. This could happen due to tripped breakers or short circuits. You’ll need a qualified technician to check out these electrical problems.

Thermostat Problems

Make sure to adjust the thermostat settings if your water heater isn’t working right. If the thermostat temperature matches the water temperature in the pool, the heater won’t kick in. To get it going, you need to raise the thermostat. That way, the water pumped into your pool will be nice and warm.

Poor Pool Pump Performance

If your power supply isn’t strong enough or has a problem, your pool heater might not get enough water. Consider upgrading to a variable speed model for your pool pump.

The Wrong Valves Are Connected When Plumbing

A problem might happen when you use your pool for the first time. The water might flow the wrong way or stop if the connection is loose or wrong. Your pool technician will check this issue.

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