Top Anime Shows That You Need to Stream Right Now!

With the week coming to an end, are you ready for something different?

Maybe something more exotic with compelling storylines? Why not watch something new like any one of the popular anime series?

Even though most cable providers by ZIP code ensure that their subscribers are recipients of some of the best TV channels and have top-notch entertainment options at their fingertips, sometimes the same Hollywood-based series can become bland.

And even, boring. In that case, expand your horizons and watch something new – from a different culture, in a new language, or simply in a new style of design.

Anime – A Multi-dimensional Art Form

This is one art form, which comes with its distinctive creation techniques that are constantly evolving as a response to newer technologies. Consisting of an amalgamation of graphic design with cinematography, its true strength lies in its character development among various other creatively unique devices. Character dimensions for each story can be different and the same is applied to features as well.

However, their characteristic big, doe-eyed expression stays put and remains to be so. While an assortment of artistic procedures is utilized in the production and post-production process, anime series were initially created with Japanese audiences in mind. Conversely, that too has changed with time, for many series are now dubbed in various languages, including English.

Give the Quintessential Anime Series a Shot!

While most streaming options now proudly claim to host a large variety of original content, this is not the only area where these streaming services are experimenting. They are also carefully introducing a diverse range of genres that may be well-established in their respective catalog but not so in a new space. Western English-speaking audiences, for instance.

So sit back and relax for we have selected some of the top anime series that won’t just bedazzle you with their story-telling but will make you binge on them within no time!

Fairy Tail

Are you in search of something that’s a delicious mix of action with adventure, followed by a healthy sprinkle of comedy? Well, you have come to the right place for you will certainly enjoy watching Fairy Tail. This series ranks high among popular anime shows. And closely follows the adventures of a young boy named Natsu Dragneel, who belonged to a guild of mages, which are better known as Fairy Tail.

Natsu along with his friends, Happy and Lucy Heartfilia, go on all kinds of fun yet dangerous adventures. These adventures often involve battles against powerful wizards of the land as well. A fun-packed series that you should stream right now!

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of those anime shows that even if you haven’t watched, you have probably heard about it! And its popularity across the globe doesn’t seem to be knocked down anytime soon! It follows the story of the young Goku, a boy blessed with extraordinary superhuman powers that he uses to shield the Earth and protect the planet from forces beyond his ken as he tackles and battles against powerful aliens, who wish to destroy the planet. And make the human race extinct so that they can rule forever!

In his journey towards greatness, Goku makes a lot of friends along the way, who become his aides as well. And innumerable enemies too, for he is in constant conflict against all those, who want to destroy and ruin the universe into ultimate destruction. Another action-packed series, that’s a great watch for young boys and full of life-changing lessons too!

Death Note

Death Note is about Light Yagami, a young boy who finds a notebook. And to his utter surprise and shock, he finds out that the notebook is magical and possesses the power to kill anyone, by simply writing their name inside it. Light decides to use this power for good and save humanity from all kinds of evil. Thus, to bring justice so that good can finally prevail in the world, he decides to scribble the name of all those criminals, who litter the world with their vices and wickedness.

Unfortunately, he soon lands himself in hot water for instead of being appraised by the authorities, he is being hunted like a vigilante, by Detective L., a brilliant officer. If you are a fan of suspense and mystery colored by action sequences, then this one’s for you!

Attack on Titan

Another excellent anime series that you need to watch right away is Attack on Titan. This tells the story of the young Eren Yeager, a boy who joins the Survey Corps to avenge and get even with the Titans. A fun-packed series that’s filled with non-stop action, this is a must-watch for every person who wants a head start in Anime from somewhere.

Wrapping Up

While these are a few awesome examples of top anime series, the options mentioned above are a must-watch! If you’re looking for something different to watch or stream online, then we just suggest that you check out some of these series. And trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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